Seba Kurtis on e-photo review

August 8, 2010 at 10:04 pm

this is a great project by the artist Seba Kurtis which was featured on e-photo review. Click here to check out the interview and the images
“The first time that I faced deportation was when the police raided the construction site where I was working. Three Moroccan friends, two Colombian and myself hid in a big water tower. One of them, “el Loco”, panicked thinking it wasn’t a good spot, so he hid a few metres away from us. They got him. After three days in prison they gave him half an hour to say goodbye to his six-month old baby. After this experience I woke up everyday concerned that if didn’t pick a good place to hide next time the police showed up, my life in Europe and everything I had would be terminated. The constant fear and uncertainity of daily life eventually subdues your personality and paranoia sets in. Everything revolves around getting your papers and the perceived freedom that it brings. You can’t make plans, want possessions or build anything solid as your life here may not exist tomorrow, you loose everything if they throw you out. Vandalizing the sheets of film is a reaction to the constant chaos experienced over five years of living as an illegal immigrant.”Immigration Files
[interview by Marco Pavan ]

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