Group Therapy by Lee Gainer

August 26, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Lee recently contacted me regarding posting some of my work on her blog so I thought I would check out her work, seemed the polite thing to do. I ended up going through the whole site, a sure sign that I was going to share something and for me ‘Group Therapy’ really is the ticket. A lot of Lee’s work is made from found imagery from the public arenas of advertising and editorial, the work then challenges the viewer to reassess how we read these images.  I think Group Therapy brilliance lies in its simplicity which in turn makes this work have a real impact on the viewer, well it did on this viewer. Taking away all the extraneous detail and stripping the subjects of their identity accentuates the shared identity and powerful nature of the group dynamic. Group Therapy speaks to the human condition where the group ,for some, is all important, the uniform becomes the identity and provides us with a get out clause where we can leave ourselves behind, and find refuge in being part of something bigger.  Here are a few examples from Group Therapy and Lee’s statement, if you want to check out more of her work go to

Group Therapy
We have a tendency to seek out others with similar interests and ideas. Within these found groups, we can discover a place to belong, to be ourselves. When these ideas or interests require a certain uniform, whether for safety reasons or a consistent visual appearance, it serves to underscore our sense of belonging and our perceived acceptance within the group.

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