The New Botanicals

Every subject in The New Botanicals is testimony to an observation and exploration of the natural landscape. This work takes time and patience with the seasons setting the pace.

Each one is an individual discarded from a garden or foraged, all chosen for their particular nature. This series explores a deeper appreciation for their beauty and speaks to the relationship between my eye and the natural world.

The newly formed buds, plants unfurling to the warmth of the sun and the ensuing fall into sleep. The life contained in seed heads and the skeletons of plants whose cycle are now complete. In this state of constant change something is always dying, and equally something new is being born.

Virginia Woods-Jack


  • Edition of 10 +AP
  • Photographic archival print on Ilford smooth cotton rag
  • 900mm x 608mm
  • inquire –

A selection of these works will be on show at The Poi Rooms as part of the Shed Some Light exhibition during The Auckland Festival of Photography @ 17 Osborne Street, Newmarket. Auckland. 2-24th June 2017

All Images © Copyright Virginia Woods-Jack 2020

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