Lured by a Shimmer

There is a place in photography where, as image makers we hope and want to be able to hold onto what we see, what we experience; this most simple of desires leads many of us to first pick up a camera. Time teaches us that all we can and will be able to create is a shimmer of a moment, however I am still lured by the same sense of wanting.

The images here are like cul-de-sacs that take us somewhere, but ultimately nowhere. By their very nature these are moments that would never last, they suffer from the flow of impermanence. The mist will always clear, when we go up we must come down, and night ends when the sun rises. This work is like the fractured narrative of a dream; they are the remnants of something we can never hold onto, but which flicker in our mind in the waking moments after sleep.

All Images © Copyright Virginia Woods-Jack 2020

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