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June 27, 2012 at 11:01 am

I am really proud to have been included in the latest show currently on at The Hirschfeld Gallery within The City Gallery here in Wellington. The show is called this must be the place – three photographers and it brings together my work along with that of Katie Breckon and Mizuho Nishioka.

Lily Hacking the curator writes

“Katie Breckon’s ongoing series Set this House in Order sees her meticulously document specific objects from her family home, creating an innately personal photographic archive. Her life-sized images trace the skin of these objects – mapping the marks and scratches upon their surfaces – hinting at intimate histories.

Mizuho Nishioka’s practice considers the photograph as a complex system of transactions – the image as a visual manifestation of information – and prompts us to question what happens to the image, and our understanding of it, when we remove or alter particular aspects of that information.

Virginia Woods-Jack presents photographs which document personal moments, images that evoke our often fleeting experiences of places and people. Woods-Jack addresses the medium of photography; printed onto transparent silk, her photographs emphasising the temporality and fragility of the image.”

If you are in Wellington anytime from now until the 5th August 2012 please visit the gallery as there are some amazing shows and if you have anything you want to say in response to my work please do..always keen to hear what people think.

I will post the entire works on my site this coming week so do check back. For gallery times and further info please do check out the link below.


All Images © Copyright Virginia Woods-Jack 2019

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