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Super excited to be taking part in this workshop! News: Bruce Gilden and Todd Hido Present Auckland Workshop September 3rd, 2010 by D-Photo Auckland photographer Harvey Benge has just confirmed that internationally renowned photographers Bruce Gilden and Todd Hido will be presenting the 2011 St Paul St Gallery Summer Photography Workshop over January 14, 15 and 16 next year. Both are masters in their [...]


A Thousand Polaroids

“as you get older, I think you trust your instincts a lot more” I love polaroid and I love the work of Philip Lorca Dicorcia so in this case this project is right on the money for me!


Enjoy Gallery – accumulative show…get involved!

Enjoy Gallery on Cuba Street Wellington have a neat little show going on at the moment, they have put the call out for responses to Enjoy Recipes Illustrated. Check out their website for further details WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 Enjoy Recipes Illustrated We have made a table, chairs, and a number of materials available so [...]


Thanks The Sonic Blog – Photography is Art ;)

Virginia Woods-Jack – Gazing Posted by (PF) at 7:10 … The self-assurance through our own reflection is something very special. In her portrait series “Gazing” the New Zealand based photographer Virgina Woods-Jackdeals with this issue and combines mirror portraits with brief statements of the sitters


Photographer Oscar Fernando Gómez Rodríguez’s Top tip: "Don’t worry about technique or what camera to buy. Feel what you feel and translate it to the image."

The spirit behind this photographer’s work is an inspiration. If you have the chance, go see this full work at The Brighton Photo Biennial as part of the show BPB Curated : New Ways of Looking which is curated by Martin Parr and runs from October 2nd – November 14th 2010 you can get more [...]


Kevin Macdonald at the Mass Observation Archive

The Mass Observers …what an amazing project this is and it is still going on, a true document of England through the written word of everyday people on the street. You could loose days, weeks, months in this place..has got my mind in a whirl..a very exciting whirl!


On the look out….can you help?

I am on the hunt for some swimming holes in the greater Wellington area…Wairarapa is fine…any thoughts anyone? Suggestions very gratefully received, thanks.


Gazing on Tales of Light blog

I recently subscribed to the web based contemporary photography magazine Unless You Will which I heard about via Flak. It is a magazine curated, designed and published by Heidi Romano who is both a photographer and art director based in Melbourne Australia. I decided to submit some images from my Gazing series for her blog and [...]


Projects I am liking – Sun City by Peter Granser

This I am liking, a look at Sun City, America’s oldest adults only community. Check out the full story in the latest edition of Lens Culture which can be viewed here image copyright peter granser.


Martin Parr “Boundaries Merely Exist in People’s Minds”

I came across this interview on another blog and felt it was worth sharing. I could not be described as one of the legions of fans of Martin Parr but I have to say I really enjoyed this interview and I liked his stance on how great it is that everyone can now be a [...]


Online Magazine of note – UNLESS YOU WILL

I came across this beautiful online magazine UNLESS YOU WILL this week and have considered it a great pleasure going through the 9 issues produced to date.  Heidi Romano who created this little gem from her studio in Melbourne has successfully produced a magazine of real beauty.  Heidi shows a real command of and love [...]


I would have to concur

A quote from Alec Soth “What I’m searching for is two totally conflicting things: to be totally alone and content by myself, but loved and adored by millions of people. And know it.”If I am honest I would have to say me too! Check out the full interview here…it is a lengthy one but a [...]


my perpetual fascination with time

Time is eternally fascinating and integral to how we experience photography, the world…life as a whole. This podcast from the brilliant folks at Radiolab is fascinating… a brilliant way to enjoy a spare hour… indulge yourself I did. WNYC – Radiolab: Time (February 25, 2005) Jorge Luis Borges wrote, “Time is the substance [...]


Group Therapy by Lee Gainer

Lee recently contacted me regarding posting some of my work on her blog so I thought I would check out her work, seemed the polite thing to do. I ended up going through the whole site, a sure sign that I was going to share something and for me ‘Group Therapy’ really is the ticket. A [...]


Stephen Shore – Letter to a young artist

Dear Young Artist,Yes, I think you can do both, participate in the art world and maintain your integrity. But your success in doing it depends on your relationship to your art. I’ve been teaching at Bard College for more than twenty years. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet graduate students at several institutions over the [...]


Polaroid love

I always have and always will love polaroid, I lament that it is no longer so easily available or affordable….regardless I still love it. Here are some polaroids and here is a link to Christopher Makos polaroids on Nowness.


Rollo Wenlock – Director

A shot from the recent shoot behind the scenes on Seeker, a music vid for Bohemian Thought. I had a lot of fun with the cast and crew, some great shots.  This one is of the director Rollo Wenlock from Alpha Bristol Films taken at one of the 9 locations we visited over the two [...]


Amazing piece of work

I love everything about this!


For the love of polaroid!

Process Enacted: by Jordan C Greenhalgh Check this out, it is amazing, and the amount of polaroid it must have taken is almost unthinkable!


Truth and the image

These thoughts on wikipedia around the prevalent belief that photography depicts reality are very apt considering the nature of my current, and yet to be named project which I just posted here on my blog a few days ago…I love that photography goes way beyond the image, the philosophy surrounding it is addictive…


Seba Kurtis on e-photo review

this is a great project by the artist Seba Kurtis which was featured on e-photo review. Click here to check out the interview and the images “The first time that I faced deportation was when the police raided the construction site where I was working. Three Moroccan friends, two Colombian and myself hid in a [...]


For no other reason than I really really really really wanted to

these images are from a project I am working on at the moment, they are around the time when light starts to fade and the world becomes less visible, what the eye sees and what the camera sees become two very different things, our eyes see things the camera can’t and the camera records the [...]


plsr. features my site

Virginia Woods-Jack on plsr. | international photography showcase featuring some of the world´s best Virginia Woods-Jack – Photographer. Photography portfolio: Photographer added on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 – plsr. international photography showcase


Time With …Sian


in the garden


One to watch – a documentary in the making

Press Pause Play In their own words” A film about the change in production, distribution and consumption of creative works”Sounds like it will be very pertinent and points that concern and should excite all of us who work in the creative industries, bring it on…vive la revolution!


A storm

I have to share the events of this afternoon as visually and viscerally they were quite wild. There isn’t need for a whole heap of explanation except to say that a rather angry Southerly hit Wellington this afternoon. Note how I gave the wind a capital S…this weather front deserved it! We live on the [...]


Return to the Gaze

I saw an amazing film the other night called The Mother the Director of Photography was Alwin Kuchler. He is also responsible for the stunning imagery in The Rat Catcher and Morvern Callar. In The Mother there is a strong use of the mirror as the locus for personal reflection beyond the physical which has [...]


A parity and a departure point.

It is very bizarre blogging, you are writing for an unknown audience, putting our words our presence out into the public domain and never knowing how it is received, perceived or viewed and to be honest does anyone out there really care! It is this public placement of words for an unknown audience with a [...]


One to Watch – Tim Denee

You know how sometimes you discover a talent and you just want to make sure that other people know they exist? Well Tim Denee is one such person. He is a graphic designer living in Wellington but i heard about him through the Creative Review blog, quite an accolade to be featured by such a [...]


Finally the work of another artist!!

So I am finally posting something by someone else, I think it is sheer genius and the images that accompany this concept are brilliant. The artist is Eric Testroete and he made an oversized 3D mask of his own head for Halloween. The expression doesn’t change but the position of the head, the implied gestures [...]


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