Letting the light in

March 16, 2013 at 5:12 am

I have been really immersing myself in my yoga and meditation of late and was reading about building a shrine at home to the things you love, that are of real value to your life and  improve our very existence. One of the guys in the article was talking about how he has lights in his shrine as light is symbolic of an offering of energy and love. When you shine light on something you are shedding love on it.

I have been thinking about this in relation to my photography and how the qualities of light are so instrumental in how I see the world and what draws me to make images. Light is part and parcel of what i do, photography is all about shedding light onto the film plain. The quality of the light here in NZ, coupled with how beautiful it is here never ceases to amaze and inspire me and is definitely a good part of why I so readily now call Aotearoa home.  Just look at how beautiful it is right outside my front door!


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