Day 15 and 16 #marsdenartistresidency

August 27, 2014 at 3:04 am



Am popping these two together for the simple reason that yesterday I had no time and today I do. Let me explain.


Yesterday was a super productive day and unusual for me as all the work I produced was in a studio. It was also being filmed by John Denton for the AinR talking heads series. Every year John produces a video of the residency so there is a video document of each artist and their approach to their practice and the work they are producing during the time of the residency at Marsden. It is a great resource for all. I was also running the second in a series of workshops with two of the senior art classes on critiquing their work and that of their peers as they approach the lead up to their final hand ins before they leave the world of Marsden and move onto the next adventure.


Today I am being a “shapeshifter” as my lovely friend Gabby said.  I had a whole list of things i was going to do at the artist house today but my oldest girl child is somewhat under the weather so as a working solo parent you shape shift and adapt so today I am home, researching, running baths, scanning, encouraging said child to keep taking fluids and maybe eat something, working on my presentation to the school on Monday and writing this whilst she and the cat sleep. Not what I had planned but then children and the art making process are quite similar…rather unpredictable and there to remind us that going with the flow is always best.


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